Self reflection and relation to unit

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Reflecting on the term as a whole for this subject, the two main areas of the units covered that I would take away in week 1 and week 3 which covered what communication is and the medium and message. Both of these topics I will be able to apply to both my further studies and my day to day life. Being able to communicate effectively non-verbally will help me when I am writing important emails or other pieces of writing because being able to have correct spelling, punctuation and grammar is important to convey a clear and concise message. In regard to the message and medium of communication, making sure there is little to no noise in the communication channel is essential if you want to achieve a goal or a task correctly the first time. Being able to effectively communicate a point across to a group of people can be challenging sometimes if they are not engaged or do not want to be involved with the task. Daffern, Mackenzie and Hemmings (2017) stated that in a digital age, many people are forgetting how to write effectively and correctly all the time with the over use of abbreviations and spell check and when it comes to writing something by hand, it can become extremely difficult for people to do that.

Blog post 2, which covers what we discussed in week 3 looks at noise, context and message in communication. Cenere, Gill, Lawson and Lewis (2015) stated in their text that message can be portrayed in many different ways including writing, presentations, poster and imagery and they can target different feelings in the viewer based on their beliefs. However, this can create noise in the communication channel and lead to a misinterpretation in the message that is trying to be conveyed. But how does this relate to me? Well if I was to write an email to a client for example, I would need to be able to choose the correct choice of language to ensure that the message I am trying to send it not targeting them or making them feel uncomfortable to being able to ensure the message is clear for them to understand.

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We Communicate effectively to achieve objectives

Communicating in a professional manner between employers and employees will help with achieving goals. Tomescu-Dumitrescu (2016) describes communication as a specific way to interact and exchange and establish a relationship with someone throughbody language, tone and opinions etc. which allow for a foundation to be formed between two people. Communication is an important part of everyday activities whether it is verbal or non-verbal. Communicating professionally ensures that businesses are able to achieve goals more effective and efficiently and this can be achieved through non-verbal or verbal communication between two or more people. Applying this to both my future career, current jobs and my future studies, communicating in a professional way can help get the point across more effectively and efficiently. For example, in the future I plan to be a financial planner which means that I would be dealing with clients and people all day every day and if I was to be acting in an unprofessional manner then I would not be able to survive in the workforce. Being able to interact with everyone in a professional manner especially in a professional manner means that what I am trying to say to the client or colleague is clear and concise and there is little to no noise in the communication channel.

In relation to my current jobs, I work in a variety of different areas such as the fitness industry, health and entertainment. Having a professional tone is basically what keeps the business going. Being able to communicate with clients, patrons or other staff members in a professional manner allows for me to be able to build a relationship and repour with them that allows me to have a more casual tone when needed. Being in the entertainment industry as well means that I need to be able to switch on and off in a professional manner when I need to. At points in the show I need to go from serious to casual and laid back but still without taking it to far.

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Deconstructing the key message

For this particular blog post, I have chosen to use an article on “A plan to re-power Australia”. This article to me is personally related to me than any other article as I believe that becoming 100% renewable energy country is important to protect the environment. The overall key message of the article is to make Australia a 100% renewable energy country instead of using coal powered stations to produce energy. There are many unknowns about renewable energy which means that there is room for growth, expansion and experimenting on different ways to make renewable energy without damaging the environment which has its benefits (Ager & Lapkin, 2018). Throughout the paper, it is discussed that change inevitable and that we should not be fighting the change, instead working with it to benefit the life of the earth and our environment to ensure that are prolonging the life instead of destroying it with the burning of materials to produce energy. The paper looks at how long it would take to get 100% renewable energy across all areas throughout Australia by 2050. The benefit of doing this is that Australia would get $800 billion slice of the Global investments and all the jobs that would come with maintaining the machinery.

Overall this means that businesses are able to hire more people and the earth also benefits from this change and also helps with businesses making profits as well. The benefit of having renewable energy means that businesses are more likely to create work but also receive other incentives of using renewable energy.

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Noise, Audience, Context and Message in Communication

Advertisements can come in many different shapes and forms including videos, posters and blog post. The post today discusses the message that is being conveyed through the poster above, any noise that could occur, the target audience and the context of the image.

Firstly looking at the message being conveyed in the image. What is the message that is trying to be depicted? The message in the image above is all about protecting the life of the earth and other species that live on it. Making sure that the small things like littering are avoided. The quote in the bottom left of the image, ‘If you don’t pick it up they will’ portrays a strong sense of guilt to the receiver of the message and the image used conveys a simple yet effective message that is clear and concise leading to an effective communication channel (Cenere, Gill, Lawson, Lewis, 2015). Let’s focus now on the noise that can occur in this particular image. The noise that can be created from the sender to the receiver in this particular post is very minimal but can still form barriers in the communication channels. For example, the image of using a dead bird with the rubbish inside it, can be quite overwhelming for some people. However, the noise in the overall context from sender to receiver is quite low as they have used simple wording to convey the whole message (Cenere et al, 2015).

Context can be another form of noise that is created in a particular communication channel. The intended message that is trying to be conveyed to the receiver might be there but it can also be misunderstood by the receiver, therefore creating noise (Cenere et al, 2015). The audience that is trying to be targeted is based on demographic but in this case, any demographic, no matter age, gender or race, this poster is directed at all because the overall intended message for all people no matter, age, race or sex because we need to protect our environment from harmful substances like plastics (Armstrong, Adams, Denize, Volkov, Kotler, 2017).


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Importance of Spelling, Grammar and Presentation!

What is the importance of grammar, spelling and presentation in business and your assessments?

The question asked by so many people is, why is it important to have correct spelling, punctuation and presentation of all assignment work and in the business world? According to Scaro, (2016), first impressions, avoiding miscommunication and misunderstanding and reputation are among some of the reasons why spelling, punctuation and presentation are important.  In a business sense, first impressions are important because it sets a standard of how well prepared and organised you are and shows professionalism.  In academics, making sure that there are no spelling and punctuation errors are present is crucial in ensuring that miscommunication or misunderstanding are avoided. 

Daffern, Mackenzie and Hemmings (2017) have written a paper on the importance of having correct spelling, grammar and punctuation in communication through multimodal text.  They argue writing in a digital age has become fast-paced and it is exposed global scrutiny, so being able to write efficiently and correcting is very important and remains a critical part of communication.  The article also focuses on the implication of poor spelling, grammar and punctuation at a young age and the affects it can have on the future of the students.  One part of the article that really stands out in the text is “The importance of Learning to write”.  It is stated if students are not able to read and write at a young age they are looking at having major troubles in their later years to further their learning and understanding of such information and thus leading to adulthood taking another path other than higher education or taking on other desired activities.

Overall, the two sources that I have used today best describe the importance of grammar, spelling and presentation within day to day work and studies.


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A bit about me

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